5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

Finding the best 5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022 If you enjoy making coffee, we’re sure you’ve heard of the Moka pot. We can save you the cost of buying an authentic Italian blend at an expensive coffee shop – so why not be the Moka one that makes the most of your kitchen in this environment? Do you know that soothing, irresistible smell of freshly brewed coffee? Yes, this is it. An alarm clock, an invitation to rest and a social lure. Well, you’re far from alone. So many of us enjoy the taste of coffee and struggle to find the perfect cup.

Allow us to introduce you to the brewing espresso machine. More commonly known as a Moka pot, it’s a cheaper, lighter, more manual alternative to your traditional high-powered espresso machines. Of course, many brewed espresso machines are available on the market today, so narrowing down your list can be daunting and overwhelming. However, we are here to help and answer all your burning questions in the meantime. So please sit back and relax as we tantalize your taste buds with our top picks. Whether you’re looking for something more portable and convenient, aluminium or stainless steel, or heavy and sturdy for a full-flavoured cup, there’s a Moka pot to meet your caffeine needs! Today we’ll review some of the best Stovetop Moka pots you can use.

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    Buyer’s guide: how to choose a stove coffee maker

    There are several practical factors to consider when purchasing a new Moka maker. Our handy buyer’s guide highlights some of the most important below.

    Durability and design:

     Pay attention to the durability of the individual materials involved in the production process. For example, is it designed to brew efficiently yet last for several cups of espresso?

    You should also perform regularly to keep your coffee machine in good condition.


    In general, aluminium is a much more efficient material in a Moka pot than steel, and mainly it is the best conductor of heat. Using aluminium in this method distributes the heat throughout the Moka pot and later heats the water to a higher temperature. This is best because it cuts down on cooking time. However, aluminium is generally more scratch resistant than steel, so it must take many precautions to maintain the product. If you have an electric stove or gas in your home, you should consider an aluminium-based Moka pot.


    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

    Steel is the best choice for a beautiful and modern finish. In addition, it is durable enough to avoid signs of corrosion and heat dissipation. Because of this, steel lasts for a long time without any apparent signs of damage. Making an espresso maker out of steel is a good idea because it doesn’t absorb current like aluminium products. Therefore, you can use your stainless steel Moka pan on any type of stove surface without worrying about its proper functioning. But, of course, regular cleaning inside and outside will be necessary. 

    Ergonomic handle versus steel handle:

    This is a reasonably important factor to consider. The regular ergonomic plastic handle prevents the heat of the espresso machine from coming into contact with your hands. Steel handles offer a similar level of support and comfort. However, there is an additional risk of the steel heating up at high temperatures. So, it would be best to consider whether you need the extra worry of a steel handle.


    Usability is the small factor of production that changes the world. Moka pots are generally in the 1-4 pound weight range, so they are relatively lightweight. You want to ensure the items you choose are portable to make the coffee brewing process as easy as possible.


    Like any kitchen appliance, stovetop espresso makers can be dangerous. To fix these problems and stay safe, you can follow these rules:

    • Wash and dry the equipment thoroughly after use
    • Descale your espresso machine regularly. A cleaner machine makes cleaner-tasting coffee!
    • Do not add too much water
    • Control it while in use (though I think that’s pretty self-explanatory)


    Stovetop coffee maker cups are typically 50ml per cup (this varies by brand and model). They produce mostly espresso, but you get an espresso machine without the depth and consistency of coffee. So when weighing the capacity, assume how much coffee you will receive.








    Bialetti - Moka Express: Iconic Stovetop Espresso Maker


    GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker 


    Zulay Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker


    Bialetti Venus 6-Cup Stainless Steel


    Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker

    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker:

    Bialetti – Moka Express

    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

    Perhaps the most popular coffee maker on this list is the iconic Bialetti espresso maker, which is easy to clean, use, and maintain. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or someone who can taste a natural cup of coffee, this Bialetti Moka Pot is one of the best stovetop espresso makers out there. And potentially the perfect solution to all your coffee woes! When I use Moka coffee, Bialetti’s quality is the same as my favourite coffee. Not only can you count on the corrosion-resistant interior to enjoy high-quality mocha pot coffee every time, but it also features a patented safety valve.

    This ensures user safety, prioritizes equipment longevity, keeps everything clean and enhances the taste of your drink. In addition, the Bialetti Moka Express is also suitable for gas, electric and induction hobs. A small burner on the stove is all you need to keep the flame under the appliance, and you’re good to go. So don’t worry about the details. If you want a more straightforward look for your espresso machine, this espresso machine will meet all your needs. Crafted from sleek, food-grade anodized aluminium, this Italian espresso maker has a unique aesthetic that adds a classic element to any kitchen. So be prepared for social occasions where you may need to brew coffee in no time.

    You can enjoy the coffee prepared in this pot in an espresso cup or a larger container. It all depends on your home equipment and your personal preferences.

    • Easy to clean
    • Well-constructed
    • Durable
    • Good design
    • Its sturdy aluminum base will also help you to create great-tasting moka coffee.
    • Easily tarnished


    Brand: Bialetti
    Capacity: 0.55 Liters
    Color: Aluminium
    Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible
    Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine

    GROSCHE Milano Stovetop

    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

    Whether you prefer sweet, savoury coffees or dark roasts, you can count on this stainless steel Moka pot to captivate your taste buds instantly. If you are looking for a functional and great coffee, this Moka pot has everything you need. Moka pot combination for adults in 2 sizes of 6 and 10 cups. With a reliable and durable stainless steel base, this product will help you serve coffee for years. One of the main things that stand out about this traditional direct-fire espresso maker from GROSCHE is its beautiful matte black design. In addition, its fantastic simplicity makes it a great kitchen appliance. It’s clear why people flock to this product. Many competing espresso makers are built with ease of use and safety, but the Steel Milano espresso maker goes one step further.

    In particular, it contains a silicone sealant that helps maintain the high temperature of the liquid inside. This stovetop espresso maker also has a sturdy stainless steel handle instead of the usual ergonomic plastic handle. This is because stainless steel has poor thermal conductivity. This means that not only will it protect your hands from burning, but it will also hold up when pouring a delicious cup of coffee. It’s convenient. However, this does not mean steel handles do not get hot under certain conditions. But remember, as long as you treat the product responsibly, it’s okay. For added safety features, GROSCHE has designed this direct-fire espresso maker with an internal safety valve to relieve excess pressure from the machine if needed. It was put in place as the last line of defence in an emergency.

    Plus, it can be used on induction, gas, and electric stoves, making it super easy to turn coffee grounds into your favourite beverage. Of course, can also use a propane camp stove.

    • Made using stainless steel
    • Keeps your safety in mind
    • Can be used on all stoves
    • Easy to clean
    • Rubber seal may leak


    Brand: GROSCHE
    Capacity: 9.3 Fluid Ounces
    Color: White
    Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Manual, Permanent Filter
    Coffee Maker Type: Percolator

    Zulay Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker

    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

    If you’re finding for a stovetop espresso maker that makes a bold statement and is reliable and functional, the Zulay brand is a classic. Known for making the most of your kitchen with affordable products, Zulay has established itself as a leading company for kitchen appliances. I can see why most people like it! Available in several colour options (from bright red to shiny silver), the Moka Aluminum Pot offers options even for picky eaters. Also, it doesn’t matter if you prefer traditional Italian espresso or “regular” coffee. With this famous coffee maker, you can have your drink in less than 5 minutes, but how you like it.

    With a classic Italian design and a durable, high-quality aluminium base, this espresso maker quickly distributes heat and brews coffee while ensuring a velvety taste effortlessly. We’ve also added a pressure tap that enhances the flavour of your coffee regardless of your barista skill. How convenient is it? This stovetop espresso maker is also compatible with gas or ceramic stoves and fits easily into your existing appliances. However, its lightweight nature also means it’s perfect for anyone who needs coffee. And the ergonomic heat-resistant handle next to the safety door is designed to optimize user safety. In addition, it helps you pour continuously.

    The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty ensures that you will enjoy the benefits of your Moka pot for years to come.

    • Design
    • Warranty
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to clean
    • The base of this Moka pot is relatively small


    Brand: Zulay Kitchen
    Capacityl 3 Cups
    Color: Silver
    Special Feature: Built-In Safety Valve
    Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine

    Bialetti Venus 6-Cup Stainless Steel

    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022

    Venus is available in 3 sizes: 1 pack, 2 cups, 6 cups, and 10 cups. So, no matter how much coffee you drink, there is always the proper coffee. Regardless of which variant you choose, the price range is pretty affordable. For us, this is a big selling point. Fairly reasonable compared to this 10-cup variety! Venus’s design is enjoyable to look at. Its modern design and stylish look are not hard to like.

    All we have to say is that you must see Nahid yourself. You will like it with its simplicity at first glance. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Despite its simple and stylish design, it still appeals to many. We love the fact that Venus is made of durable stainless steel material. It can be used on IH, electric, and gas stoves! But what impresses me the most is that it can also be used for fires! So wherever you intend to use Venus, you will not be disappointed. Also, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

    For first-time coffee drinkers, the Bialetti Venus is recommended as an introduction to the mocha pot. Not to mention, there are different sizes to choose from. Finally, we must say that Zahra Moka Nabe is versatile. It holds a good amount of water, brews coffee, and works with all types of stoves.

    • Easy Pour
    • Legendary
    • Comes in Different Sizes
    • Induction Compatible
    • Cylindrical Shape


    Brand: Bialetti
    Capacity: 235 Milliliters
    Color: Steel
    Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible
    Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine

    Primula Stovetop Espresso

    5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker

    In this review, I would like to focus all my attention on the ten-dice variety. I do not doubt that this type will be beneficial around the house! This is true for those who drink more than two cups of coffee daily. Imagine making a cup of coffee in the morning and drinking coffee for the rest of the day. A dream come true for us coffee lovers.

    Another impressive Moka pot from Primula Stovetop is the Stainless Espresso Maker, but this and the Moka maker are very different in design. The Moka Express has a classic look, but the Primula Stovetop Stainless Steel Espresso Maker looks modern. This mocha pot can be seen from miles away thanks to its curves and glossy surface. If you like modernizing your kitchen, this Moka pot is a must. This will continue for decades!

    That being said, it is very affordable. You don’t have to buy a new stovetop espresso maker every year; this is all you need. Proof of the durability of this Moka pot is its use on all types of gas stoves. After using the pot, put it in the dishwasher without worrying about damage. Comfortable! If you love coffee and like to brew it in bulk, you can’t go wrong with Cafe Brewing! The modern and stylish design goes well with any kitchen design we want to see. The Cafe Brew is a bit more expensive than most mocha pots on the market. You have to pay a few dollars.

    But hey! Due to its durable stainless steel construction, this Moka pot will last for decades.

    • Easy to operate
    • Dishwasher friendly
    • Beautiful modern design
    • Variety of sizes
    • non-corrosive
    • none


    Brand: Primula
    Capacity: 12 Cups
    Color: Silver
    Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible
    Coffee Maker Type: Moka Pot

    How we tested 5 Best Stovetop Moka Pots & Coffee Maker – Review Guide 2022 ?

    We asked how he could instruct us on exactly how to use the Moka pot as ideally as possible and what to look for to confirm we’re getting the right results: an even, steady brew of coffee somewhere around 158 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit (70 to 75 degrees Celsius).

    In our testing, we tried five different devices and brewed coffee three times in each. Each time we noted the following:

    Ease of Use: 

    Each Moka kettle was pretty easy to use, although we did notice that the threads on the stainless steel models were a bit more challenging to assemble than the aluminium ones.


    As much as stainless steel can work on induction cooktops, getting a quick and predictable cup was much more difficult. The aluminium was fast as can be, and after getting used to the hob settings, which can vary depending on the thickness of the aluminium and the size of the Moka kettle, we were able to achieve what we wanted with reasonable consistency on each of the model we tested – something you might have a much harder time performing with an espresso machine. We considered how challenging it is to have the coffee brewed at the right temperature and pace so that it is not entirely burnt or splattered everywhere.

    Quality of materials: 

    Overall, the Moka pots we tested performed quite similarly, but the quality of materials varied, affecting longevity. While the thinner, cheaper aluminium models work very well, it’s easy to bend the funnel and filter that holds the ground coffee. We also took note of the grips on every model we tested, and we weren’t impressed by how many models featured cheap all-too-easy-to-melt plastic. So in recommending our overall selection, we’ve gone for the higher-quality materials. Still, we’ve conceded with the budget picks because, as mentioned above, we’ve come across many popular options that were pretty much the same quality.

    We also noticed the gasket that creates a seal between the coffee collector, the filter basket or funnel, and the boiler and creates pressure. Again, two common materials are used for these, but we learned from D’Ottavio that the silicone seal is preferred over the rubber seal because it creates a better seal and lasts much longer.

    Why trust home decor kitchens?

    We are a team of people from all over the world who love coffee. From busy full-time working parents to stay-at-home empty nesters. Some of us have worked in coffee shops in countries around the world. Some of us have backgrounds in pharmaceutical sciences and chemistry.

    But regardless of our diverse expertise, we like coffee and sharing experiences with family, friends, and our community. So we spend our time researching, testing, and reporting what we find that works and doesn’t, from coffee and espresso machines to brewing methods and coffee facts. All this allows you to take home valuable information and make the best decision.


    What is an espresso machine called?

    We know them as Moka teapots. However, the vast majority of the general population refer to them as brew coffee makers.

    How much coffee do you put in an espresso machine?

    You must always add finely enough ground coffee to fill the filter basket inside the brewing espresso machine. However, add more water to the finished cup if you prefer a weaker coffee taste.

    But if you like a sharper, more caffeinated drink, continue with the standard steps.

    Can you place an espresso hotplate on gas, electric, or induction stove?

    Using the equipment correctly, you can usually fit steel Moka pots on any of these stoves. If you use an electric stove, start with a low heat setting to avoid burning anything.

    Remember that aluminium does not work on induction hobs due to its magnetic and electrical properties, so it may be worth investing in a steel model if you have this hob at home.

    How many cups does a mocha pot make?

    It depends on the size of the Moka teapot. Brands and models vary in cup size, from a single 1-cup stovetop to a 12-cup mocha pot. Check out our Moka pot size guide above.

    Do you pour coffee into the Moka pot?

    No, try not to suffocate the bed of coffee. This will make it impossible to filter the water and effectively extract the coffee.


    Suppose you’re looking for a more convenient and faster way to enjoy delicious freshly brewed espressos at home without having to rummage through a clunky espresso machine. In that case, instant espresso machines or Moka pots are a great option. We hope you enjoyed our review of different Moka pots. On the market! We’re sure you’re dying to try them out for yourself!

    We love their practical, easy-to-use, maintained designs, and the mocha pot coffee they brew is solid and refreshing!


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